Release Notes 1.2.0 – Swagger UI

Date: September 9, 2019

What’s New

An ‘Open in Swagger UI’ action has been added to the editor context. It opens the file in Swagger UI when you click the icon or context menu item. The arrow icon in the tool window that had the same functionality has been removed.

The plugin no longer tries to load the active file in Swagger UI when opening the Swagger UI tool window. You can still load a Swagger or OpenAPI specification from the file system by clicking the browse icon.

New Swagger UI UX

When running Senya Editor 1.2.0 for the first time you might get a security alert popup to allow senya-server to communicate on the public or private network. You get this popup because the Swagger UI files are now served by Senya Server.


Several improvements have been made to keep Swagger UI in sync with the editor while keeping Swagger UI’s state consistent at the same time.

Swagger UI stays synchronized when writing multi line strings in YAML.

Swagger UI multi line

Opened operations stay open when the operation’s tag is changed.

Change operation tag

An operation stays open when changing the operation method.

Change operation method

Changing a path no longer changes an operation’s state.

Change operation path

The callbacks tab stays shown when the operation’s path, method or tag changes.

Keep callbacks tab shown

A callback operation stays open when the callback name or path is changed.

Keep callback operation shown

A model stays open or closed when its name is changed.

Keep model closed