Release Notes 0.16.0 – Validation

Date: August 30, 2018

What’s New?

Required constraint quick fix

Added a quick fix that adds a missing required field to the object. If there’s a very similar field in the object (potential typo), a quick fix is added that changes the field name to the required field name.

Valid properties constraint quick fix

Added quick fixes for invalid fields. You can change the field name, make it a vendor extension (if supported) or remove it.

Enumeration constraint quick fix

Added quick fix for invalid enum values. You can quickly change the invalid value to one of the enum’s values.


Improved error messages

Error messages for invalid field, required field and enum value constraints provide more context on what went wrong.

More accurate errors

Improved validation in general. Some constraints weren’t triggered at all, while at other times the wrong error was shown.

Added a login notification, so that it’s easier to sign up. As Vicente pointed out, it wasn’t always that clear.

You can now always create a new OpenAPI or Swagger specification from the context menu. These actions used to be disabled if you weren’t logged in.

Resolved Issues

– Patched Google Analytics dependency, so that it also uses IntelliJ’s certificate manager. Google Analytics requests were silently dropped when the IDE had a (MITM) proxy configured. Thanks @wsalembi for taking the time to test Senya!
– Resolved issues #217 and #203 by adding null checks on the web view and JSON reference.