Release Notes 0.15.0 – Single File Specification

Date: August 6, 2018

What’s New?

Generate a single file specification
You can now generate a single file specification, so that you keep the flexibility of multi-file specifications and can use the generated specification for other services at the same time.
It works by pulling in all references that point to other files and adding the referenced values to the specification. It depends on the value’s type where the value is added, e.g. if the value is a schema object it’s added to components/schemas in OpenAPI 3.0 or definitions in Swagger 2.0. Finally, the reference is updated to point to the newly created local reference.
If the referenced value can’t be localized, then it’s inlined instead.
In case of a naming conflict, a number is added to the end of the localized reference, e.g. Pet is renamed to Pet_1.


Based on Roman’s comment, I’ve added additional exception handling so that the IDE doesn’t crash at startup in case you don’t have internet access. Additionally, if you were previously logged in and the session is still valid, you stay logged in.

The user agent fix in version 0.14.2 that enabled the GitHub authorize button also broke the Google login form. Now the user agent fix is only applied to GitHub and the Google login form works again.

The login notification is removed from other editor tabs after login.

Resolved Issues

Resolved issues #74, #75 and #77 by cleaning up the dependencies. There were two dependencies that both relied on older version of commons-codec. I’ve removed the older versions and added an extra check to the deploy script to make sure this won’t happen again. Thanks Timothy for pointing out the cause of the issue.

JavaFX not available warning
Senya now checks if JavaFX is available before it loads its functionality to prevent errors at startup. If JavaFX isn’t available, you’ll get a warning notification. It has a link to a guide on how to configure the JetBrains JDK (which includes JavaFX). This resolves issues: #69, #58 and #24.

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