Release Notes 0.14.0 – Authentication

Date: July 24, 2018

What’s New?

Added login functionality to the plugin. The main reason to add the login is to reach out to you for feedback on a monthly basis. Your feedback will be used to further improve Senya and prioritize new features.

When you open a specification, you’ll see a login notification at the top of the editor. You can login with a social account (Github, Google) or with email + password. Once you’ve logged in all functionality is available. The next time you start your IDE, you’ll be automatically logged in and all functionality is available to you instantly.
Senya login demo

Resolved Issues

Added additional null checks and exception handling to resolve issues #50 and #51

Fixed requestBody not showing in Swagger UI (issue #40) by making sure that the OAS3 plugin components get loaded. Additionally, the OAS3 badge is also visible again.

Known Problems

The Swagger UI parameters section doesn’t get updated for OpenAPI 3.0 specifications. As a temporary workaround to update the parameters, you can collapse and re-open the operation.

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