Release Notes 0.12.0 – Quick Fixes

Date: July 1, 2018

What’s New?

Added quick fix that puts quotes around a HTTP status code. Also when you choose a HTTP status code completion it will add quotes if they’re not present already, so that the completion doesn’t trigger a validation error.
Put quotes around a HTTP status code


When a property is added to a JSON object and the new property has siblings below itself, then a comma ‘,’ is added at the end of the line.

Trigger completions when you type slash ‘/’, so that JSON reference completions work seamlessly. The JSON reference completion text is also shortened, so that you can see the end of the text.
Seamless JSON reference completions

Resolved Issues

– Resolved issue #37 by adding a disposed check on the project.
– Resolved issue #36 by fixing the unique properties constraint. It let duplicate properties through, which caused this issue.

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