Release Notes 0.11.0 – JSON References

Date: June 25, 2018

What’s New?

Added JSON reference support for remote resources and local files outside the project. When you CTRL + click on a JSON reference that points to a local file outside the project, the file is opened in the editor as well.
Reference local file outside the project

Added look ahead completions for JSON reference values:
– For local file paths, both in the project and outside of the project.
– For JSON pointers that point to local or remote files.
Remote JSON reference validation and completion


Improved JSON reference validation by performing the validation dynamically. This makes JSON reference validation more accurate and in terms of performance, dynamic validation is more responsive.

Swagger 2.0 schema object improvements:
– Type and format properties are no longer required.
– All schema object types now support the enum property. Before, enum was only valid for string types.
– Format values are no longer restricted. The known types (int32, float, date-time, etc.) are still shown as code completions, but you can also use your own format, e.g. ‘uuid’.

Differentiated between Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 special characters in JSON references. In the previous release (0.10.0) the OpenAPI 3.0 way of escaping JSON references (‘/’ to ‘~1’ and ‘~’ to ‘~0’) was added. Now for Swagger 2.0 references, slashes ‘/’ are escaped to ‘^/’ and a circumflex ‘^’ is escaped to ‘^^’.

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