Release Notes 0.10.0 – OpenAPI Validations

Date: June 18, 2018

What’s New?

Added expression support for link parameters, link requestBody and callbacks.
OpenAPI 3.0 expression support

Added additional OpenAPI 3.0 validations:
– Validation for media type objects to ensure that the key of the encoding map exists in the media type schema as a property.
– Link object validation that checks that an operationRef value points to an operation object.

Added analytics to track general feature usage. This data is used in aggregate to identify usage trends. The goal is to provide more added value by having a better sense of which features to improve or expand upon.

Resolved Issues

When interacting with the Swagger UI tool window an error occurred where the project was already disposed (issue #26). Additional checks were added to make sure the project isn’t closed or disposed when performing an action on the Swagger UI tool window.

Resolved issue #27 by escaping special characters in JSON identifiers and string values.

Properly escape JSON references. Slashes ‘/’ are escaped to ‘~1’ and tildes ‘~’ are escaped to ‘~0’. Completions now show the escaped reference and validation errors are no longer shown for references that contain ‘~1’ or ‘~0’.

Resolved invalid validation errors on headers that are used as a regular parameter. The cause of the invalid errors was that a header’s name and location are implicitly defined, while a parameter needs an explicit name and location. To resolve the issue a header’s name and location are now made explicit whenever it’s used as a parameter.

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