Release Notes 0.20.0 – Documentation

Date: November 22, 2018 What’s New? Documentation for Fields and JSON References The name, type and description of a field or JSON reference are displayed in the documentation pop-up. Documentation is shown on quick navigate (Ctrl/⌘ + hover) and documentation (Ctrl/⌘ + Q) commands. Quick navigate shows a short description. Documentation shows the full description. …

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Release Notes 0.19.0 – Context Completions

Date: October 17, 2018 What’s New? Added context completions for path parameters, tag names, security requirements, security scopes, server variables, xml names and default values. For example, if a path contains parameters and you add an operation to the path item, then the path parameter objects are also added when you choose a completion. Improvements …

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Release Notes 0.15.0 – Single File Specification

Date: August 6, 2018 What’s New? You can now generate a single file specification, so that you keep the flexibility of multi-file specifications and can use the generated specification for other services at the same time.It works by pulling in all references that point to other files and adding the referenced values to the specification. …

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